Hello, I am Eva Diaz

Hello, I am Eva Diaz.

I'm from Turner, Oregon and currently live in Los Angeles.

I run a fashion and art collective blog called Nocturnal Creatures.

I also run an insurance intelligence company called XYZ LIST.

I previously was a customer experience leader from 2013 - 2023.

As well as a personal stylist and assistant costume designer.

I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from Portland State University.

I am engaged to a lovely and brilliant man, Evan Staller.

Career Goal: Build a program to eliminate those who are trafficking, creating, and viewing child pornography.


Current Fascinations:

Stem Cell Research

Ted Lasso

Discrete Mathematics

Credit Scores

Location Data

The German Language

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alcoholism and its Effects on the Brain

Local Newspapers



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Ross Ulbricht